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The pbm Academy funding programme

With its funding programme, pbm Academy wishes to support projects that pursue the goal of increasing awareness of Patient Blood Management in Germany and improving the quality of care in national health services overall by introducing Patient Blood Management.


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Apply now and receive up to 70,000 EUR for your project!

Apply now until 31.10.2019

Requirements for participation

Application process

  1. 31.10.2019
    Final submission of an application for the pbm Academy funding programme.

  2. 30.11.2019
    The expert jury will select the funding programme winner by way of a simple majority and inform them accordingly.

  3. April 2020
    The winners will be announced within the scope of the health services networking conference and their projects will be presented.

Expert jury members

The expert jury comprises renowned personalities in responsible positions in Germany's health services and possesses the corresponding recognition and skill to judge all questions involving patient blood management proficiently.


Dr. Thomas Drabinski
Director of the Institute of Microdata Analysis (IfMDA), Kiel

Specialisms: Political-economic evaluation of legislation, cost structure analysis, consequences of state medicine and unified healthcare funding, demographics and sustainability; visiting lecturer of Healthcare Economics and Policy at the University of Kiel; Degree in Economics.

Dr. Regina Klakow-Franck
Former Chair of the Sub-Committee for Quality Assurance and impartial member of the Joint Federal Committee, Berlin

Previously Councillor for Section 4 – Fee schedules, Deputy Director and Councillor for Section 3 – Quality Assurance in Medicine and other areas of the German Medical Association.

Dr. Ursula Marschall
Head of Department for Medicine and Healthcare Research, Chief Medical Officer at BARMER, Wuppertal

Previously involved in management consultancy and active as Chief Physician for the intensive care unit of a maximum care clinic; Specialist in Anaesthesia, Pain Management, Intensive/Emergency Medicine, Degree in Healthcare Economics.

Dr. Markus Thalheimer
Head of Department for Quality Management/Medical Controlling at Heidelberg University Hospital

Specialist in Internal Medicine; Member of the DRG [Diagnosis Related Groups] and Healthcare Economics working party of the German Society of Haematology and Medical Oncology (DGHO); Member of the medical expert committee of the DKG [German Cancer Society] and other self-governing committees; Court-appointed expert for DRG issues.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Zacharowski, ML, FRCA
Director of the Clinic for Anaesthesiology, Intensive Medicine, and Pain Management, and Deputy Medical Director of Frankfurt University Hospital

Since 2016 member of the Leopoldina and Chairman of the Board of the Christoph Lohfert Foundation; since 2014 President of the MJC Intensive Care Medicine in the European Association of Medical Specialists

Funding amounts

The pbm Academy awards a funding programme in the amount of 70,000 euros each year. This provides for the funding of three projects, which receive funding amounts of 40,000 euros, 20,000 euros, and 10,000 euros respectively. The expert jury is free, however, to decide to provide the complete sum of 70,000 euro to a single project, if this will significantly develop the project further, or if the idea is so outstanding that approval of the project requires this.

The money will be paid in instalments and is linked to project progress that has been specified in conjunction with the funding programme winners, which they are able to demonstrate.
The use of funds for overhead costs is excluded.

Funding amounts

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